Thursday, October 9, 2008

Opinion: Total Financial and Economic Meltdown in Progress Now

Total Financial and Economic Meltdown in Progress Now

The night before last I wrote the following with the intention of sending it out to the group.  I changed my mind and did not send it, fearing to be an alarmist.

“World markets are plunging in a panic as the banksters have severed access to credit making investment and speculation impossible.  The Dow futures market is showing a nearly 400 point drop in response to a borderline crash in Asia and Europe tonight.  It appears Morgan Stanley will be the next big bank to go under.  In all likelihood this week will see the biggest stock market crash in history.  Rumors abound that municipalities and States will default on their bonds this week.  California and Massachusetts look like good candidates.  The cessation of many government services and checks could follow.  Iceland and Pakistan are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Wonderful, a nuclear armed Islamic state thrown into chaos.

My guess is that we could see disruptions in the supply of food within two weeks, with food riots within a month.

If that is the scenario then we may see the suspension of the election and...well I can’t bring myself to say it.

I do not write this casually and I do hope that I am mistaken.  I ask God that I be completely wrong.  But is what the situation appears to be at the moment.

May God Bless us all and keep us safe.”

Today the Dow plunged 600 points (7%) in the final hour of trading.  It should not have done so; it was set up for a rally.  That it has done so is a clear indication that a total market meltdown and financial economic crash is upon us.  The banksters, having enslaved formerly free markets to the cheap, sleazy drug of easy credit have now cut the addict off from its supply.  We are now seeing the retching of withdrawal and the tremors of death of the global economy.

Today’s Headlines

Stocks in U.S. Tumble as Dow Industrials Drop Below 9,000; GM, Exxon Slide
Mutual Fund Withdrawals Jump to Record $72 Billion as Investors Seek Haven
M Shares Fall to Lowest Level Since 1950; S&P May Cut Automaker's Rating
veraged Loan Index Plummets to Record as Hedge Funds, Banks Sell Assets
. Treasury Plans Bank-Stake Purchases Within Weeks to Shore Up Capital
and Seizes Kaupthing as Banking Industry Collapses Under Debt Weight
ptions Index Climbs to Record Above 60 as Credit Market Stays Frozen
•Bush W
ill Meet With G-7 Finance Chiefs to Tackle Credit Crisis, Aide Says
Libor Holds Central Banks Hostage as London Rate Freezes Worldwide Lending
Fear Trumps Greed as Market Worries Amplify News, Paralyze World Economy
al Bank of Scotland Loses Credibility After Goodwin's ABN Amro Purchase
ral Banks Fail to Alleviate `Logjam' in Money Market: Chart of the Day

As I predicted, a global summit is being announced at which the bankster dictators will tell us their plans for remaking the world economy in their image.  Anticipate a new global financial regulatory body (perhaps even a new World Central Bank) and moves in the direction of a World Currency.  Please note that participation in such by the United States is predicated upon RATIFICATION by the Congress.  If the Banker Dictatorship bypasses this requirement, we can take that as further evidence that the Constitution has in effect been suspended and that dictatorship is a concrete reality in America now.

State and Municipal government bankruptcies are likely within the next few weeks.  My guess is that is what the action in the stock market is discounting right now.  If you are in Massachusetts or California and rely upon state assistance, please prepare for disruptions.

Each of us must now decide what this means for us.  You must make concrete preparations now.  We are in an emergency situation, albeit a concocted and engineered crisis.  This is an economic 911 and the measures following it are new versions of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

Let’s spring into action and inform the population of what is transpiring.  People need to know:

“America is Now a Dictatorship”
“Oppose the Banker Dictatorship”
“The Financial 911 is a Scam”
“No Emergency Powers for Wannabe Dictators”
“Restore Constitutional Government NOW”
“End the Fed!  Gold is Money!”

These slogan points should now appear on every freeway overpass, stuck on every sign, on flyers and posters.  Thousands and thousands EVERYWHERE.  Take it upon yourself to spring into action.  Take the initiative and be creative.  Build coalitions across the spectrum with others who will resist the Banker Dictatorship.

Here’s a fast, cheap place to get large quantities of stickers:  Take up a collection among your local groups and get stickering!!

Here’s a great place to get t-shirts made...great prices, great service and fast (please tell them Steven Vincent sent you):

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Once again, I pray to God that I am an utter fool and an alarmist.  Please God, let me be completely wrong.  Or if not wrong, let this come to pass with a longer time frame so that good people can be better prepared for the inevitable.  Please watch over us!

Your Friend in Freedom,

Steven Vincent

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