Friday, October 10, 2008

Ron Paul: A World Central Bank Coming

Ron Paul seems to concur with my conclusion that a World Central Bank is in the offing.


Anonymous said...

This is only obvious in what the intent has been, just look at Mr. Brown the very one who called for a New World Order in his inauguration speech as prime minister Tony Blair retired from his post in England. I do no undertand however the apathy of the American people for even on youtube, radio, media bits of all this info. has surfaced yet Americans have no Reaction as if in Twilight Zone. I hate to say this but we will get the government that we allow ourselves to have, and this despondent attitude just lets the Players know that people maybe just do not care. Those who truly care about freedom perhaps need to have some serious discussion as to how we are going to cope with this world Re-arranging for even bad food policies are part of the changes. Perhaps we should start building our own community away from all this nonsense for I am afraid that the People are just Not going to ever Wake-up and like in Titanic the rest of us will skin along. said...

jjtsciThe people of this world are asleep

Obese job educated and consumened with jerry springer or afflerenza..

Are you awake?

Greg tom

karmasurfer said...

The obvious thing to do is storm every FED building with pitchforks in hand and drag out every suit and toss them to the mob.

I don't ordinarily condone violence but these guys have ruined so many peoples lives just because they can.

Hanging's too good for them. They should all be torn to little pieces and buried alive in front of their families.

Edward said...

Dont blame the American people. Thats pointless. Blame the people who control the information that the average American receives. Blame the people that care about nothing more than their own selfish greed. Is it human nature for power to corrupt someone from the inside-out? Seems that way. As an American, I grew up being indoctrinated, as a slave to the corrupt system and have struggled to learn the truth in its purest form. I still have much to learn. However, I place my faith in the fact that there are many who know the truth of what is really going on in this world, and that they will come forward and act. Unfortunately it seems that many are still waiting for the right moment. There is too much good out there for corruption and greed to triumph over it all. There have been darker eras in human history and revolution is always right around the corner.