Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congress Agrees to "Bailout Bill"; Vote Soon

Dodd says fundamental agreement on bailout bill

(Reuters) - The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee said House of Representatives and Senate negotiators have reached "fundamental agreement" on a set of principles guiding a Wall Street bailout bill.

Sen. Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, emerged from a morning-long meeting on Thursday with top House and Senate lawmakers to tell reporters that he thought Congress could act within the "next few days" to pass a bill.

Dodd did not provide details on the major areas of contention that have been under negotiation

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Rhiana said...

I can't believe this crap! Well, actually, I can. It just pisses me off that the vast majority of sheeple just go along with what ever the government wants to do. This whole orchestrated economic crash is just so we can view the government as heroes and embrace the North American Union and Amero! I am disgusted by all these "wolves in sheep's clothing" in our government and I'm so tired of their BS.