Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unity Summit of Oligarchic Whores Today

Bush meeting with McCain, Obama on rescue

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- As the world watches for progress on the massive rescue plan in Washington, the Bush administration plans to meet Thursday with presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama as well as with leaders of Congress.

Notice this “unity” theme lately?  McBama and Obain meet on 911 at Ground Zero and have a joint Global War on Terror support rally.  McBama and Obain both have gone on recently about on about coming together “as Americans” to “solve this problem.  And now the Prostitute in Chief facilitates a Unity Summit to show lockstep solidarity on the day they hand over $700 billion dollars to the banksters along with all the power they could ever dream of.  Maybe they will join hands, sway from side to side and sing “We are the World” while they are at it?

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