Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Can YOU Do to Help "END THE FED"?

What Can YOU Do

As these dramatic and world-changing days unfold, those who are conscious of the nature of these events must ask what contribution they can make to America’s future in this context.  We all, each and every one of us, can and MUST do whatever possible to take advantage of this EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY to wake people up to the nature of the system and organize the people to DEMAND real change.  

People are fired up.  By November 22nd, after the election, the nation’s situation may be dire indeed.  Do we, those who are clearest about the causes and consequences of America’s plight, have the capacity to lead the American people in a clean break with the past and a renewal of our best traditions?  Are we truly a
R3VOLUTION or just a historical footnote?

YOU are and must be a LEADER.  Shake off your fears.  Cast aside your obstacles.  
Mount the stage of history and contest the future!


It is crucial that we begin NOW to generate a tide that will crest to its fullest on November 22nd.  Here are some suggestions for how you can take up the gauntlet and make your mark on history.  These are just SOME ideas...cut loose and get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

1. INTERNET OUTREACH: Every online community needs an END THE FED! Group organizing for 11/22.  Do you lead or are you an active member of one of these groups or others?  Please get discussion and organizing started for “End the Fed!” in your internet space right now!

• Ron Paul Forums
• Daily Paul
• Campaign for Liberty
• Restore the Republic
• Break the Matrix
• Facebook
• MySpace
• Meetup Groups
• Online spaces for Libertarian, Green, Constitution Party, Ralph Nader and any other coalition organizations
• Get an “End the Fed!” banner or badge placed on every web site possible
• Text comments at blogs, YouTube and elsewhere about November 22nd
• Send an email to all your contacts announcing the November 22nd End the Fed! protests and urging them to join up and get involved

2.  LOCAL OUTREACH: Your city needs to be bannered with “End the Fed! Nov. 22nd”; distribution of flyers at public meetings attracting a potentially open-minded audience; tabling at college campuses and public squares, post offices and supermarkets; invite to participate and build a coalition with local peace, anti-war, anti-establishment groups...

• Student groups
• Biker clubs
• Pro-Marijuana groups
• Peace and Anti-War groups
• Flyer at the polls on November 4th
• Call in to local talk shows and plug the 11/22 protest
• Contact local media
• Listings on Craig’s List and local print publications
• Local cable access

3.  NATIONAL and LOCAL OUTREACH:  We need to create the biggest possible coalition for November 22nd.  Let’s bring everyone within the Freedom Movement together for this one.  Let’s also take Ron Paul’s cue and involve conscious people from across the political spectrum who agree on this one issue:  END THE FED!  This needs to be done on both the NATIONAL and LOCAL levels.

•  Recruit high profile individuals that you know as Endorsers
-Politicians and elected officials
-Media personalities
-Recognized activists
-Entertainment personalities
-Writers and Authors
-Candidates for office

•  Recruit organizations to co-sponsor the November 22nd protests
-Patriot, Freedom, Libertarian, Constitutionalist groups
-Anti War and Peace and Non-Intervention
-Anti IRS, Tax Honesty
-3rd Party:  Green, Libertarian, Constitution Party, Nader, others
-Civil Liberties organizations

4.  Special Tasks:  There are some important roles that need to be filled asap!

•  YouTube video production
•  YouTube Channel Manager
•  Web Master and assistants
•  National Media Outreach

This is by no means exhaustive, but these are the MINIMUM tasks which any serious protest movement should be executing.   If we are to perform on November 22nd, we must execute.  The rubber must meet the road with authority.  Only YOU can do this.  Do not look over your shoulder for someone else to take responsibility.  We either rise to the challenge now, or we fall to Tyranny soon.  The choice is ours.

The End Begins November 22nd

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The End Begins November 22nd

Every Fed Bank.  Every Fed Office.

38 Cities.  One Purpose.



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